Saturday, August 18, 2012

Motorcycle Diaper Cake

Today I created the most adorable baby shower gift known to mankind...

Total Cost: Under $30.00

Step by step Tutorial can be found HERE

Sunday, July 8, 2012

E. Ria Designs on Etsy

Personalized, custom hand stamped jewelry in sterling & fine silver, gold, brass, & other designs...custom necklaces, bracelet, earrings, keychains, guitar picks, rings & more!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tips to Manage Your Time

I've taken a little leave of absence from this blog as I've been swamped with family life, starting up a new business helping others work from home, the start of summer, adjusting to being a semi-single mom again (my husband has been doing a LOT of traveling)! So unfortunately I haven't been giving much attention to my crafts! 

I've had to figure out how to get all the above accomplished in a day.
Here are a few tips I've learned to help me stay organized and on track:

1) Make Lists.  I've found that making lists of what I need to accomplish in a day/week helps me to stay on track throughout the day.  I am easily sucked into social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and before you know it, an hour has passed and all I've accomplished is reading up on how everyone ELSE has spent their day!  For me, it helps to have my lists written down, and visible... as a constant reminder.

2) Break down the big TO-DOs into smaller tasks.. That way you won't keep avoiding it because of its size. For example... clean up the basement. (one of my personal dreads)  Break it down to. Organize paints, sweep floor, wash the windows, hang curtains... that way you will also be motivated each time you can check off a small task! Woo Hoo!

3) Get a Daily Planner.  This has helped me keep track of whats going on during the week with my kids activities, dinner plans, meetings, etc.  It also helps you see how you can organize the remaining free hours into productive time slots.

4) Schedule your more difficult tasks for when you can be the most productive. Example: If you have a to-do that involves organizing your bills or stack of paperwork that has taken over your desk, you may want to tackle that puppy when the kids are napping, of after they've gone to bed. Nothing is more unproductive them having to chase the little one who took off with your Bills to be Paid pile every 2 minutes!

5)If you have kids, schedule time for them.   If you give them time where they have your undivided attention, then they won't be constantly be asking for you throughout the day (results may vary) :) But then you can hopefully take more lengthy slots of time to work on that project.

6) Do the things you NEED to do before you do the things you WANT to do! Trust me, doing it this way will make the things you want to do much more enjoyable. You won't have that dark cloud over your head saying "don't forget... you still have to do ____ "

7) Don't be a slave to your emails.  Turn off your email or email notifications during certain times.  I know I can get distracted by the "You've Got Mail" sound... and want to immediately check it!  Check your email at certain times during the day.  Set time aside to check them and answer them. Then shut it off.

I hope you've found these helpful! For more helpful tips and information, check out my blog, Kimberly Turner Online!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dancing Rainbows!

I purchased some sun prisms from an awesome shop on Zibbet a while back and am FINALLY getting around to posting some pictures! The shop is called Dancing Rainbows!  If you think the photos are amazing... you should see these things in real life! I was so happy with mine!

I got one for myself and sent another on to a friend of mine... to remind us of our time together in Hawaii .... rainbows.... awesome!

The kids had a blast with all the baby rainbows on the breakfast table...

 (pardon the grape juice mustache)

I discovered this amazing shop because I purchased a SAMPLE Z BOX on Zibbet that had amazing samples from several shops!  If you like trying things out before you buy them, check out Sample Z Box to see a great variety of handmade items from one of the greatest handmade sites there is... ZIBBET!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cake Spinner Remodel

When my grandmother passed away 5 years ago, I got to keep some of her cake pans and supplies.  I now have a pantry FULL of character pans, icing tips, and... her cake spinner.
One of the most memorable things about going to my grandparents house, was walking in and immediately being taken over by the smell of cake. (My grandma was THEE Cake Lady in our area)  She was always baking and frosting cakes whether it was for a birthday, graduations, or weddings.

The second most memorable thing...
She always used this old wooden cake spinner as she spun the cakes around as she frosted them.  I loved how it sounded. The sound of the ball bearings rolling around the ring... Sometimes I will just spin it around to hear the sound! Takes me back.

Anyways... I can't even tell you how many years she used it.  And when I brought it home, I covered it with foil each time to keep it 'clean', and because it was a bit 'aged'.

I decided to give it a makeover. It needed a 'fresh look'.  So...

I removed the hardware off the bottom...

I washed it up as best as I could.  Sanded down the edges a little to give it a softer finish... and then slapped on a couple coats of black paint. I painted around the edge, the bottom, and in a couple inches or so on the top.

Next, I found some scrapbook paper and cut out a circle that would fit on the top of the spinner.
I used my compass to draw the biggest circle possible on a 12x12 paper. Cut it out. Used my handy dandy mod podge to cover the bottom of the paper and place it in position on the spinner.

After drying completely, I covered the entire thing in a couple coats of clear coat.

Reattached the hardware.

Cake spinner renewed... Fresh New Look...with same memorable spinning noise!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nesting Doll by Numbers

I snuck down to my craft room last night and painted up a new nesting doll last night while the kids were settling into bed.

This is currently the only set available in my Zibbet shop! Check it out HERE!

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