Friday, June 11, 2010

$1 Coupon Book Red0 (Tutorial)

I've been doing my best to be a coupon clipper lately... and have been meaning to sew my own coupon organizer.. ha! So meanwhile, I've been using labeled envelopes instead. *ashamed*

So while on my last Dollar Tree visit, I saw these coupon books for, of course, $1.... and I thought, when am I ever going to make time to sew my own with the long list of things I want/need to sew/make before that. So I bought one and decided to do a quick remodel on it.

*NOTE: This is a quick and very basic tutorial.

Here is the before (I had already pulled the elastic band off of it)
Here is the fabric I chose to cover it with (just something I had on hand):
This is a no sew redo. I traced around the outside of my coupon book and cut 1/4 inch outside the lines...
Then I used craft glue and folded the edges under before simply glueing the fabric over the outside of the coupon book! (quick and easy, I'm telling you)

Then I traced the inside section and did the same thing. (Sorry for lack of pictures)
Then I just cut a slit in the fabric so I could put the elastic band back through the original eyelet, and voila! Done in just a few short minutes all with $1 coupon book and supplies I had on hand!
I may come back and embellish it a bit on the front, and re-label the compartments on the inside, but for now, it will do much better then the business envelopes I was using!!!

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