Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun With Vinyl - A No Sew Project

My daughter and I watched Martha Stewart the other day and saw one of her guests make a tote out of staples and duct tape. I thought, good grief! But if you use the right material and not that tacky grey tape, (it comes in other colors) then it is a cute concept!
Click here for the link to the tutorial.

I believe on Martha she laminated fabric, but I just went and got some vinyl items, shower curtains, vinyl tablecloth pad... the cute patterned ones!

So my daughter and I tried it out!

It was so much fun to make. I think you could do just as much good using a sewing machine, but my daughter, who is 10, thinks that the stapling is fun.

You can embellish them with whatever you please. My daughter sewed buttons all over hers. I left mine plain and simple. They will make great beach bags!

Here is what our bags looked like:

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