Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Giveaway

It's about time for another giveaway don't you think? I've been AWOL a couple months, so I think I owe you that much!
It's March, my birthday month, so I thought I'd giveaway a set of HAPPY BIRTHDAY cake or cupcake picks! A set of 12 purple cake picks that spell out H-A-PP-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y (The P's are together to make a set of 12) They have a green paisley background, with a purple backing, so they are double sided for great quality!
To Win, you need to do 3 things:
1- Comment on this post
2- Include an email address to contact you if you win
3-What you would wish for on your birthday

The winner will be randomly selected from a drawing on MARCH 7th, and contacted for mailing info! Good Luck! In the meantime, check out my etsy shop: Yummy Cuppy Crafts


Melissa Wilson said...

1. I'm leaving a comment!
3. I want a new lens for my camera!

Miss you lots - hope your having fun with the little sis..

Melissa :)

Jeweltrinkets said...

These are so beautiful, purple being my favorite color!

I want to have a party for my birthday in May, haven't had one since I was 7!

Spoolofplenty said...

Hey super cute picks! I just had my birthday in January but I am wishing for a new camera and a Brother sewing machine!

windycindy said...

Hi, Both my niece and nephew have birthdays coming up within the next couple of months. These would be adorable for them! Please enter me in your drawing.
I always wish for health to see my sons grow up.
Many thanks, Cindi

glee stormont said...

those are so cute. And i love the fact that they are workable for a boy or girl or adult bday celebration!!! Happy birthday to you, now if we could just get these FREEZING cold NE winds to stop and let spring begin!!!

glee said...

oops forgot to leave my email & bday wish. Definitely a new camera, preferably shock proof (that's how i killed my old one) and with a good telefoto lens so i can pick out my kid in the soccer game pix!!

Jennifer said...

Love the bday pics.
I would like to go shopping on my bday.

Michelle Rout said...

Your wrappers are glad I found your site! we have a very sick doggie right I wish for her to still be here at my next Thanks for the giveaway chance!

BAKING is my ZeN said...

1-comment: Hi! Just adorable!
2-email: It's Carmen at
3-my June 16 birthday wish: I want a trip to Italy!
Love the black bubble cuppy on your site.

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