Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zebra Cupcakes

I made some quick Zebra cupcakes to take along on my daughter's birthday weekend getaway.   We took the family and 3 of her friends to a resort with a water park, stayed overnight in a hotel, and then took the girls horseback riding the next day. It was so much fun!

I used my rolled buttercream recipe, found here, and rolled some out and cut circles the same size as the cupcake tops.
 But first, I spread a little layer of buttercream icing on the cupcake so that the ROLLED buttercream would stick to the top.
 Then I set the circle right on the cupcake!
 I used black icing with a flat basket weave tip (wrong side down) to make the zebra stripes.  I made some green and purple circles as well to add some color to the cupcakes. Yes, I know that there aren't really green and purple zebras, but the cupcakes sure were pretty!

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