Saturday, January 15, 2011

My hubby the struggling carpenter

My hubby had his knee scoped last week and it wasn't long before he got antsy and needed to do something other than sit and elevate his knee.  So he decided to go build a table for me that he had been planning on making for a while now.  He had most of the wood waiting for him in the garage...
This is what he got done on day one...
 I asked him to cut me some blocks to make some duty station blocks. And of course he did!
Day 2 he made the drawers and bottom shelf... then stained it a dark cherry stain. (It looks a little red in this picture)
 Another coat of stain and then a couple coats of clear coat, some hardware, and voila! I asked one of the kiddos to stand next to it so you can see how big it is... and got 3!
Yesterday I went shopping for some baskets to put underneath.  I didn't have much luck at Hobby Lobby. There wasn't anything big enough or sturdy enough there... even at 50% off!  So I tried my luck at Michaels and found a couple baskets there (40% off) that I love! They were pretty much what I had in mind! LOVE THEM! I did, however, find the lamp at Hobby Lobby (50% OFF)!
(more decorating to be done on the tabletop... I was just excited to post this!)

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melismama said...

WOW That table ROCKS! My husband loves to do woodworking also! Love it and the kiddies were so cute standing next to it!

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