Monday, May 9, 2011

Dancing Rainbows!

I purchased some sun prisms from an awesome shop on Zibbet a while back and am FINALLY getting around to posting some pictures! The shop is called Dancing Rainbows!  If you think the photos are amazing... you should see these things in real life! I was so happy with mine!

I got one for myself and sent another on to a friend of mine... to remind us of our time together in Hawaii .... rainbows.... awesome!

The kids had a blast with all the baby rainbows on the breakfast table...

 (pardon the grape juice mustache)

I discovered this amazing shop because I purchased a SAMPLE Z BOX on Zibbet that had amazing samples from several shops!  If you like trying things out before you buy them, check out Sample Z Box to see a great variety of handmade items from one of the greatest handmade sites there is... ZIBBET!


Dancing Rainbows said...

Thank you so very much for the kind words...I'm happy you like it...♥Adrienne (DancingRainbows)

LadnersLatest said...

I love my dancing rainbows ;)

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