Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Easy Last MInute Valentine Ideas

I have seen these ALL OVER the blogosphere so forgive me for not giving credit to one blog or another.

These are great EASY last minute Valentine Ideas for your kids.  I am actually ahead of things here for once and am getting these done today, rather than the night before they need to be taken to school! Ha Ha!

All you need is a cute kid (check), and a camera (check)...

Have your child stand with their arm extended toward your camera and fist tight as if they are holding a sucker! (Make sure their thumb is up so that it will look right when you insert the sucker in the picture)

Edit your photo in any software (optional). I used Picnic through Picasa.. so fun!
Add borders and text.

Have these printed off at your nearest CVS, WalMart, etc... (or from your home printer)

Grab a bag of suckers, cut little slits in the photo where the sucker would go in the hand.  Then insert the sucker through the two slits in the photo and you are done!


Ladners'Latest said...

Addi is so fashionable in her hat! Love it!

melismama said...

Kimberly - way to creative...I love it!

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