Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post-Valentine's Day

The kids came home with their valentine boxes full of special valentines and candy yesterday! I sat with them and went through each one and put all their candy in a bag for later.

Here is the final product of the Valentine's I made for the kids to take to school.  I was thrilled with how they turned out and they got TONS of compliments on them! Click here for a quick tutorial on how to make your own!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day filled with lots of hugs and kisses... and chocolate!

Stop on over to Melissa's Blog: The Joys of Home Educating to see a little feature she did on a set of cupcake wrappers she received from my Cupcake Wrapper of the Month Club!

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Melissa Wilson said...

These are sooo cute! :)

cakeologist said...

Those are the cutest valentines ever! May have to copy that idea for next year!

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