Saturday, November 1, 2008

Handmade Costumes

Happy Halloween!

I'm putting these pics on my craft blog because I made all 3 costumes this year! Yikes...won't be doing that again. Too much stress on mommy!

McKenzie was Dorothy, because we are dog sitting a little dog who looks just like Toto and she wanted to carry her around in a basket.

Trevor insisted on being Wyatt Super Reader from Super Why (PBS cartoon) This costume was my worst nightmare. There was not ONE costume online available, and obviously not in stores (especially not here in Hawaii) AND, not a single super hero pattern an any fabric stores. But, I managed to get it done....

Addison was a Ladybug (because Mommy wanted to try her hand at making tutus) This turned out so cute!
I took them trick or treating on the marine base because all you have to do is walk up and down a road or two and you have enough candy to last you until next Halloween. The kids had a blast, and wore themselves out!

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Jeweltrinkets said...

Awesome work!!! They are all adorable!!

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