Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I won!

Yay! I won a giveaway! I never win anything! Well, I did win a bike back when I was like 10, but it's been a while since then!

I entered a giveaway for Lipstick Jungle Inspired Earrings...and won them! They just arrived today in a cute wrapped package (that actually match some cupcake wrappers I have in my etsy shop!)

I can't wait to wear them! I have been stocking up on my jewelry collection by shopping on etsy, and these are quite the addition!

Thank you Gurl Couture! I love them!

Check out her Etsy Shop here and her blog here!


Jeweltrinkets said...

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!!!!!

Swapna said...

wow..hope you have more luck form here on..I know just how u feel .. I never used to win anything, but then won a pearl set from a scratch and win.. I could not believe my eyes!!!

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