Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thrift Store Results...

I painted this clock black, and then painted the outside rim of the face silver. I'm not thrilled with how this turned out. It's better than it was, but am thinking of something else to do with it. Not only that, the stinkin' thing doesn't even work. So, its just a 'still life'.

At the last second, I grabbed this brassy gold backless frame for $0.50... The glass just needed a good cleaning, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it...
I painted it white,
washed the glass,
covered some cardboard with fabric,
and with some helpful advice from Amanda of Imperfectly Beautiful,
printed out the word FAMILY on some cardstock.
(Cutting out the letters was painful and tedious, but definitely worth it!!!)
Thank you Amanda for your great advice!!!

I am in LOVE with this!

I might even make a few other carboard backings so that I can change it out!
I debated on what words to use... TURNER, DREAM, TOYS, etc...
It might be fun to change it out during the year... hmmm, seasonal?

That's all for now... more to come soon, I hope!

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Christian said...

That looks great! I wish I had one of those cricut machines to do all kinds of letters with...

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