Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Finds and Results

I missed out on Saturday's yard sales, but tried to catch a few Sunday morning. There wasn't much, but I did grab a couple pairs of shorts for my little Addi-bug.

We were running errands to get some last minute items for my daughter's week long camp, so we ran into Ross. I DID find a few ugly signs I could paint while we were there.

The top one was tin, already had a wire hanger on it, and was only $3.99. The DO NOT ENTER is wood, has hangers, and was only $2.99. And I grabbed the little lampshade for $1.50 for that light blue lamp I grabbed the other day. I was thinking of embellishing it somehow.

I spray painted the inside section of the black tin sign with chalkboard paint. Easy Peezy! Done.

These frames I had tried to play with months ago.... what was I thinking? Ugh!

So, I took the glass out of them and spray painted them all white. Not sure where they will go or what will go in them, but they do look a lot better than before!!!

I am trying to finish up my other projects this week before my mom comes on Friday. Then a few days later, hopefully baby will be here! Then there probably won't be much time for crafting or thrifting... (i'm a little sad about that, I've really enjoyed driving around on the weekends looking for great deals) I would LOVE to get my hands on some furniture to redo, but with a big move coming up in a few months, my husband would probably kill me.

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