Thursday, January 28, 2010

$2 Apothecaries

I made a 'quick' trip to the DT just for some chenille stems to make more of these. But who can resist a walk through just in case you might see something new?! I came across these for $1 each. I looked a couple weeks ago for some supplies like this, but there was nothing. So I probably looked like a crazy lady filling up my basket with these... giggling inside...well, at least I don't think I was giggling out loud...
I brought them home, applied a little E6000 to the top of the candle holders, centered them on the bottom of the hurricanes/votives and voila!!!
Found another version here...and this fun vinyl idea here. Here are a few ways I've displayed them:I was so excited once they dried, I just set them all on my table and threw a few things in them. I will definitely play around with them some more!


Veronica said...

Great idea I'm going to see if out DT has any. Where do you the glue to adhere them together? I would love to make a few. Thanks for sharing.

Krystal said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. why haven't I thought of this! You Rock! I'm heading to the Dollar Tree ASAP! Thanks for sharing!

sarahbeth2702 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I do love yours, way better than mine even! I wish I had found some vases that had more design, like the lip yours has. Great idea! I'm linking up to you right now!

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