Friday, January 22, 2010


I've restocked my etsy shop with the stash of cupcake wrappers that I haven't relisted since we moved! This is so exciting... why?

1) I finally have a full stocked Etsy shop again.
2) I lowered the prices to more than 50% so I can make room for my NEW and IMPROVED cupcake wrappers!

I'll be listing them soon....I'll post pictures when I do! I stayed up late last night creating!!!!

So, go check them out, get them before they are gone, and then come back to see the new ones!

1 comment: said...

Hi! I recently found your blog and have been having fun checking out your great ideas!

Today I found this post about the cup cake holders you sell in your Etsy shop, I think they are adorable! (And I love cupcakes so any excuse to dress them up is fabulous in my mind!)

I have a rather new blog that I am working on growing, but currently averages about 200 hits a day and well over 400 on some days.

I am currently looking for sponsors and giveaways for my blog and was wondering if you would be interested.

I checked out your Etsy shop and think you design and make some fabulous items! As such, I was hoping perhaps you would consider "donating" an item(s)you make/sell to be a giveaway on my site. In return I would feature you/your site, and your products as well as link directly to your blog and Etsy shop within the feature post.

There would be an entire post devoted to you, your products and the giveaway item that you would be giving away!!

Part of the giveaway would stipulate that they must visit your etsy shop and blog in order to enter the giveaway. This means that you could get increased traffic for your website and possibly loyal fans or sales as a result!

I appreciate your consideration. And in any case, I am really enjoying following your blog.

Thanks so much!

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