Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Leaf Topiary

With my leftover wreath items, I wanted to try to make a fall leaf topiary. I already had everything else I would need on hand:

Terra Cotta Pot
1 1/2 styrofoam balls
large cinnamon stick
I cut all the stems off the leaves
Pierced the cinnamon stick into the styrofoam ball (which already had a small hole in it) and then stuck the other end through the half styro ball. Then I started gluing the leaves on the ball before putting the stick into the pot... just so it was easier to handle.

I just layered the leaves enough to cover the ball... working my way around the ball.
Once the leaves were in place, I glued the bottom of the cinnamon stick to the bottom of the terra cotta pot
With the final touch of covering the base of the topiary with some moss, the topiary was complete, and ready for placement!

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