Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spooky Halloween Blocks

I had these really cute blocks I won on a giveaway that spelled out SPRING on one side and EASTER on the other... they looked so cute on my mantel with all my springy decor. However, once spring came and went, I took them down, and somehow (probably because I'm not the best at packing things up right away) the kids got ahold of them and used them as building blocks. They had so much fun with them, that I just let them play with them.
Well, as you can see, the little rugrats used them so much, they started falling apart. The paper was peeling off of them, and I seem to be missing a block of two???? So I decided to repurpose them into some Halloween blocks. I was originally thinking of doing FALL on one side and BOO on the other with a ghost..... but as I was rummaging through my craft paper, I saw a haunted house scene and got a great idea...
I cut the paper to length and split the paper into 3 pieces... slapped on a little mod podge...
and Voila!

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Terri said...

Very cool idea...thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Very cute. I love seeing the basic "decorated block" craft to such excellent effect.

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