Monday, September 27, 2010

Juice Container Fabric Pumpkins

I've seen a lot of fabric pumpkins lately around the blog0sphere! So I thought I'd try my hand at some.

I saved a few juice containers, and instead of using up the little bit of fluff I had in my stash, I thought I'd use the containers as a 'frame'.

Empty Juice containers
cinnamon stick for stem
I cut the containers in thirds (throwing away the top)
I used two different containers for different sizes of pumpkins.
Cut a larger square of batting to cover the sides of your container...
THen cut an even larger square of fabric. Enough to gather at the top of the pumpkin and tie off.
Gather the fabric, and batting up around the container, and use raffia to tie it up. If you chose to use a cinnamon stick, it is better to insert that before tying the raffia. Cut away extra fabric.
I didn't insert the cinnamon sticks when I should have, thus, it was late, and I didn't want to untie them all just to have stems. Sorry.

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Michele said...

OMGosh...toooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial!


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