Sunday, April 25, 2010

DIY Floating Shelves

While getting a couple items at Target, I browsed through the home decor isles and had an epiphany! FLOATING SHELVES! PERFECT! Just what I can put in that empty space between my canvas' and the window in the living room!

So, even though they were on sale for $8 each, I knew I could have my hubby make them for me with some scrap wood he had. So, I went home, showed him the shelves online, and we made our own version:

First we decided to make 3 shelves: 1- 24 inches, 1-18 inches and 1-12 inches.

Hubby nailed the 3 peices of wood together... we had a larger taller back so the shelf could hold more weight and have more surface area against the wall. Then I wanted a tiny little lip in the front just in case some thing bumped the wall and a frame slipped or something. Don't want little ones (or mommies) getting knocked in the head by falling decor!

Then used some keyhole hangers for hanging. Normally, these would go straight up and down, but whoops, the back of the shelf wasn't that tall. So, angling them worked, thanks to my quick and oh so intelligent thinking! (*grin)
With a couple of layers of paint, there were ready to hang! I still need to do a little adding and moving around with the content, but I was too excited to show them off before they are complete!

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Amy said...

Those are adorable! Thanks for showing us how to make them!

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