Monday, June 8, 2009

Magnetic ABC's

I saw the tutorial to make these HERE, by way of a new blog I have been following called Grace Violet...but they were made with fabric. I altered it a little and instead of fabric, used scrapbook paper. I just have so much more of that to chose from then my fabric stash. That, and I was just too lazy to drag out the ol' fabric box.

Why did I make these? Because the cheap alphabet magnets I got from Wal-Mart are hardly strong enough to stick to my fridge, and end up UNDER my fridge more than anything. That, and you just can't find cute stuff like this in Hawaii!

Here is what my ABC's ended up like:I didn't have the magnetic sheets like in the tutorial, instead, I used a stack of business card magnets and just decreased the font size to 200 before printing. They fit perfectly then.

They were so fun to make. I even had my 11 year old help cut out the ABC's for me, and then she ended up making a few creations of her own for her BFF! And, once the mod podge was dry, my 4 year old was thrilled to run them to the fridge and try them out.

*I made a few extra letters so that he can spell out his name and his 2 sisters' names without running out of letters!

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Kati said...

Now I'm jealous! I LOVE them!!

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