Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Louvered Door Upcycle

We have done a TON of remodeling in our old home here in Hawaii. One of the things that HAD to go, were the "Methodist Church Fellowship Windows" in the kitchen... you know, the sliding louvered doors that opened from the kitchen into the living/dining room? Ugh... They were old, dirty and ugly!

I refused to let my husband throw them away, though, because I KNEW I could come up with something to make them into.

So, today, I decided to take a break from repainting the kitchen cabinets to do something fun... My little man helped remove all the old hardware from the four doors.

Then I just brought out my handy little acrylic paints and an old bristled brush and brushed a quick coat of paint on 3 of them. One red, one antique white and the last navy blue. I didn't paint them completely, because I really liked the old rustic look.

Then, I put some hangers on the back sides...

Now, where to hang them and what to do with them!? I want to add some things to them but am not sure what exactly? Any suggestions?

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