Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Yard Sale Finds

I loaded up the kiddos this morning and headed to the base to find some treasures. Then we went out in town and found some more! Here is what we came home with:
Park Bench $5

Spoon Rack $2 - Ugly Cabinet $1

Set of 6 Placemats $0.50 - Jar set? $0.50

Orange Wicker Chair $FREE$ on the curb

My 11 y.o. daughter wanted to take this project on herself, so she found some white spray paint in the garage and started in as soon as we got home. There wasn't much paint left, so it didn't get much further than what you see below. I need to go get her another can o' paint! Then we need to come up with a cushion, but I think it will really turn out cute!

She and I also started in on those little wooden placemats, but I'll post those results when they are all done!

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