Friday, June 26, 2009

More Thrift Finds & A Few Results...

As I had guessed, the prices were MUCH cheaper at the thrift shop on the base today! I got the table, and all its contents on top for under $5! The table was only $2, the matching frames were $0.50 each, the 4 napkin rings were $0.25 as well as the metal hangar thingy...

The tall narrow shelf was $15 off Craigslist.

And remember this set of bronzed beauties????

I painted them black, and lit some floating candles in them.
The candles were a set of 6 that I got today for $0.25!

And remember this ugly wood block candle holder???I removed the wood 'art' and replaced it with a small beveled mirror I got at Ben Franklin for less than $2

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Melissa Wilson said...

I love them!! Can't wait to see the rest. You are definitely an inspiration and totally making me want to reinvent something :)

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