Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines from soup cans

Better late then never... IF EVER! My poor son has been waiting to have his Valentine's Party since last week. The snow has cancelled school for nearly two straight weeks here. So, this weekend, we were putting all the final touches on his valentines.... only to have school cancelled AGAIN this morning due to an overnight 'dusting' of snow. He is heartbroken.

My son is in a preschool class of about 10 kiddos. I wanted to make some special Valentine's for him to take to his class, as well as treats for his teachers.

As cold as it's been here (compared to what we were used to in Hawaii) we've eaten a LOT of soup. So I've been keeping the cans and using my edgeless can opener (when I remember) to save the pull tab lids. I've also got some Chai and baby formula containers.
I measured the height and circumference of the cans, and cut out some fun pink and red valentine worthy scrapbook paper.
Then I used my ever so handy Mod Podge and painted a wide strip down the side of the cans to anchor the edge of the paper.
I wrapped the paper around, then pasted the end of the paper with another painted strip of Mod Podge.
Then I added some 'flare'.

Cut out some circles with my 'baby' (Cricut) and trimmed them to fit under the tab on the lids.

Now they are ready to fill with some Valentine treats! I used E6000 to seal the lids back on. I've heard that the glue can sometimes be too strong and effect the taste of the candy. I used all prepackaged candy, so I hope that doesn't happen! Then I tied some red raffia to the tab on top.My son had the brilliant idea to tape his Cars Valentine's and pencils to the sides. All my ideas to attach them weren't quite up to par. He is so smart! They don't really match, but he's a boy, and I guess I can't always have my way!!!Here are the cookie bouquets I made for his 2 teachers also using recycled cans for the holders.
And if that isn't enough... he also was on the schedule to bring treats this week too! So, why not go all out and do valentine pink/red/white swirl cupcakes with frosting and topped with a sugar cookie and heart shaped wafers I found at Michaels.
Let's just pray they have school tomorrow so that all these goodies get eaten!! I hope you all had a very happy and LOVEly Valentine's Day!

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