Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old Crib to Kid's Bench Remake

Here are the old crib pieces we got from another of my dad's auctions for a couple bucks. As you can see, my hubby has already started making the bench seat to go with them.
We have two long sides of the old crib, so he cut one down to 4 feet and started building the rest of the bench.

The crib piece took a lot of sanding. He wanted to make one bench out of oak so that we could stain it, and it would be strong and sturdy. With the other crib side, he will use pine, and we can just paint the whole piece once it's together. And, I don't think he wants to sand each little spindle again by hand. But he did a great job! I love him!
Here is the bench all put together, just needing a little sanding and stain.
And my husband wanted me to take a picture of his aftermath. He says THIS is what it takes to make something nice for your wife. So in translation: Don't complain about all the tools I have or buy, because this is what it takes to build you the things you want!

I don't think I was ever one to complain anyways. He doesn't say much when I get my crafting stuff strung out...or come home with sacks of stuff from Michaels... so I always try to keep that in mind when he says he "needs" a new tool. (As long as he keeps building me fun stuff!)
I love it! Now.... where to put it?

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Veronica said...

What a great idea. It came out great.

Sue from Oregon said...

oh what a handy fella you have there! this could be a great way to use a keepsake crib!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Love it! How very green!

Stacey @ Fun to Craft said...

How great. I love that you are remaking it into something you can use. Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft. said...

wow! that looks great! I love things repurposed into benches. I've done many, many headboard and crib benches.

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